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4 Reasons Why You Should Choose Custom Hire Exhibition Stands

2nd August 2017 - Blog

It couldn’t be simpler; hire the stand you want, work with our team to design your graphics and our professional installation team will do the rest.

Here are 4 ways ISOframe Custom Hire Exhibition Stands will change the way you exhibit…

1. Planning

 From understanding your audience to taking care of all the technical details, we’ll help you to make the best decisions for your brand and budget.

Rather than spend time and money altering your existing stand, our experts can help you select a package that will help you get the most out of the exhibition space you have booked. If you’re only planning a one off exhibition appearance, it also means that you don’t have to make a big investment of buying a stand that may not be used again.

Not only do the packages include ISOframe’s patented exhibition stand framework, they also come with counters, furniture, media screens and other accessories – all of which you won’t have to worry about storing once you’ve finished with them.

BEWLS Exhibition Stand

2. Design

Our in-house creative team develop options to bring your brand to life and enable you to see exactly how your stand will look before you commit to purchasing.

By choosing a Custom Hire Exhibition Stand package they will help make sure you’re communicating your messages in the best way possible in order to entice as many potential customers as you can.

Each of ISOframe’s stands is proudly designed and manufactured in the UK. This means everything is completed in-house; from the creation of counters to the printing of graphics, ensuring you receive the very highest level of quality.

3. Pre-Build Promise

 Come and see your stand as it’s being built. All our stands are pre-built at least five days before each show so you have time to review and request any changes if required.

We take quality control very seriously and the pre-build process allows us to double check that your stand is in tip top condition.

It also provides our customers with the opportunity to see the stand, should they wish to make any alterations. Given the flexible nature of many of our systems, this means that additional sections or accessories can be added, or graphics can be replaced with new designs.

Best Western Exhibition Stand

4. Installation

 This is the part that really takes the stress out of exhibiting. Our professional installation team will build your stand at your venue exactly as you approved it.

The team is well used to travelling across length and breadth of the UK to help set-up and break-down at trade shows. They will make sure your stand is transported, set-up and ready to go. They’ll even return to break everything down as soon as you’re finished with it.

With the logistics left to the professionals, your exhibition team can get on with what they’re best at, promoting your business!

Contact ISOframe now on 01283 575 097 to find out how we can make your next exhibition effortless.

This is Intelligent Exhibiting.