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5 Ways to Attract People to Your Exhibition Stand

23rd November 2017

Is exhibiting a major part of your marketing plan? From small shows to huge industry events, trade shows can be a fantastic source of new leads and exposure for your business.

Like any other form of marketing, exhibiting is all about results. The higher the number of attendees you can attract to your exhibition stand, the more leads you can take back to your business.

Here are a few top tips we’ve picked up along the way.


  1. Engage attendees with a game

When you hear the words “trade show promotion”, what pops into your mind? Most people associate promotions with giveaways – free branded mugs, ballpoint pens and other semi-useful corporate items. A more effective way to attract people to your exhibition stand and generate high quality leads is by running a contest. Raffles or quizzes require attendees to engage with your sales team and leave their information for a chance at the prize.

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  1. Get in touch with your audience before the show

Trade publications and social media are fantastic platforms for promoting your business, especially in the lead up to an exhibition. If you have interesting news, a new product or anything that might attract your target market, let them know. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn are all ways to talk to your prospective audience and don’t forget to #theevent, #yourself and #yourstandnumber.


  1. Offer free Wi-Fi to draw tech-focused attendees to your stand

Reliable Wi-Fi is an essential for many trade show attendees, especially technology-focused events. With so many people checking in and tweeting in a small space, 3G coverage can often be patchy. You can even use free Wi-Fi to generate leads by requiring users to create an account with their email address in order to log in.


  1. Contact bloggers and online influencers before the event

While trade publications might offer the most prestige for your business, bloggers and online influencers can be an equally lucrative and far more accessible source of publicity before a trade show. In the months before your next trade show, contact the most popular bloggers and online personalities in your industry to let them know you’ll be attending. Just like journalists, bloggers are often very responsive to companies that reach out to them.


  1. Use your network

If some of your existing customers will be attending the same show, reach out to them and tell them where to find your exhibition stand. Many people attend trade shows in groups, often with friends or colleagues that could turn into valuable prospects for your business. Let them know ahead of the show and suggest a catch up, you never know who they might bring with them.


A successful exhibiting experience isn’t just about the stand, it’s about the marketing behind it. If you or your business need to free up the time away from stand logistics to focus on effective marketing talk to us at ISOframe, we can take care of everything.