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8 Time Saving Tips For Exhibitors

9th July 2017 - Blog

Exhibiting doesn’t have to be a time-consuming process. With a bit of preparation and research you can soon boost your return on investment. Here are our 8 time saving tips for exhibitors.

Show Selection

1. It’s vital to review how effective your exhibiting has been in order to identify the trade shows that have generated the most leads and return on investment. Being selective is far more effective than using a scatter gun approach.

2. Talk with your clients and find out which upcoming shows they are planning to attend. Discuss what their goals are for the year ahead and you’ll soon get an idea of which exhibitions you should be attending, and which messages you should be landing.

Optos Exhibition Stand

Stand Design & Promotions

3. When preparing for a show it’s important to make sure you take the right stand with you. You don’t want to spend hours building and dismantling a stand for an exhibition that’s only half day. Conversely, you also want to make sure your stand has the right level of impact in relation to the show you are attending. The ISOframe Express assembles in minutes if you need a quick solution, whilst the ISOframe Custom offers a time-saving installation service.

4. Gain momentum ahead of shows by telling your target audience you will be there. Using social media and e-shots in the build-up will encourage targets to come directly to your stand. Think about a stand promotion that can be used across multiple shows, promoting this ahead of shows will encourage targets to come directly to your stand.

Davanti Exhibition Stand


5. Fully brief stand staff prior to each show. Doing this will ensure everyone knows their role and what needs to be achieved. Develop a strategy – some staff may be deployed to encourage people to visit you, whilst others may want to stay on the stand to engage with customers.

6. Trade shows vary in size and so should your exhibition team. Find out how many attendees are expected at the shows you plan to exhibit at. There’s little point in taking the same amount of staff to a trade show with hundreds of attendees and one that expects to attract thousands. 

Installation and storage solutions

7. The physical and logistical management of your stand can be quite an involving process, but fortunately ISOframe can help you save time and money. Our dedicated installation team are experienced in transporting, assembling and dismantling stands at shows across the UK and throughout Europe. In particular, our Installed Solutions packages will see all your exhibition stand needs catered for.

8. Finding suitable storage space for a stand can also be time consuming. At ISOframe we have dedicated storage space and will ensure your stand is well looked after and thoroughly checked before each use, avoiding any last minute panics in advance of an important upcoming show.

If you’d like to discuss more about exhibiting, our team would be happy to help. Give them a call on 01283 575 097.

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