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Exhibition trends for 2018, ISOframe’s Predictions for the year ahead.

2nd January 2018

The new wave of 2018 exhibition events is on the horizon, and you want to make sure your stand and your messages have the cut through you need to make those important connections.

We know exhibitions, and these are our top tips for an exhibition stand with the WOW factor in 2018


  1. Doing more with less

Budgets are undoubtedly important, and so are results. The winner in all this is creativity. Doing more with less means thinking of new, interesting ways to generate better results. The key is to do this without losing sight of overall goals. Adding LED signage won’t break the budget but it can add interest and when designed correct can add WOW.

LED lights to enhance Groupex logo
  1. A healthy dose of fun

Consumer facing exhibitions get all the fun, but what about B2B events? We think playfulness and customer interaction will be a big trend for many branded events. Be that treasure hunts, interactive games, polls, conversation, prizes, quizzes; gamification can engage an audience in ways that a group talk can’t.

Custom Charles Kendall

  1. Amazing aesthetics and experiential

Next year expect a new focus on beautiful aesthetics – not just from exhibitors, but from event organisers too. With so many events from which to choose, delegates, exhibitors and sponsors alike need to be wowed – and the lure of a slickly designed, modern, innovative environment can do just that.

  1. The merging of digital and reality

With stunning advances in augmented reality over the last couple of years, 2018 looks like the year it’s going mainstream. Apps can now overlay vast swathes of information over a smartphone to delegates; and it can be used to creatively tell a story and place your business in the mind of the delegate. The days of the branded mug and pen may not be completely over, but we suspect some of our clients to connect with customers differently.

  1. A great coffee

We’re expecting delicious artisan coffees to make their way onto menus at events across the country – although that may just be wishful thinking on our part…

So, if you’re planning to exhibit in 2018, why not give us a call? The team at ISOframe will work with you to ensure that your exhibition stand stays a step ahead of the competition at all times and we have great coffee!

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