ISOframe ISObar

ISObar modular counters and freestanding counters come in a variety of shapes and sizes and are available off-the-shelf.

They are easily transportable as a flat pack and quickly assemble without tools within minutes to create a stable exhibition work surface.

Each counter can be accessorized with a wide range of components such as shelves and doors for storage, or visual elements such as iPad holders. ISObar can even be uprated to take a total weight of 75kg.

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Isobar layouts

Key Features

Compact size table tops for easy transportation
Tool-less assembly
Adjust the size of table to suit the event (only on modular)

Optional LED lights on table top and base
Optional internal shelving

Standard 800mm front graphics

ISOframe ISObar Videos

Assembly animation for ISObar modular counters

How to assemble and reconfigure an ISObar modular counter

ISObar Modular Counters

The modular ISObars can be expanded and reduced to suit any stand size. A range of 800mm wide and 500mm tall counter units can assembled to create very cost-effective counter in an almost limitless array of shapes and sizes: curved, straight or combination counters. Optional built in LED graphic illumination on the underside of the counter top creates a high impact, contemporary feel.

1) The posts clamp into the base plate

2) From the starter base, straight or curved

3) The tops attach using the clamps at the top of the posts

4) Optional Shelves can be added, as can LED lighting effects

5) Standard 800mm wide graphics can then be applied magnetically

Isobar Freestanding Counters

1) Attach posts to the base plate with the FASTclamps

2) Add the top onto the posts and close clamps to hold in position

3) The graphic simply wraps around and attaches magnetically

ISOframe ISObar Gallery

ISObar Modular Counters

4 section ISObar exhibition counter for Muller Wiseman Dairies
Giulietta three section ISObar modular counter
Hitachi ISObar with ISOframe Exhibit
Three section reception counter
Fruit Broo three section ISObar modular counter

ISObar Freestanding Counters

Circular counter
Circular counter
Oval shaped counter
Kidney shaped counter
Oval counter with custom lockable door
Small rectangle counter with cable tidy
Circular counter
Oval counter
Custom made counter - rectangular with corners
Kidney shaped counter
Oval shaped counter
Small rectangular counters
Oval shaped counter
Large rectangular counter