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5 Vital Considerations When Buying An Exhibition Stand

28th June 2017 - Blog

There’s no doubt that exhibiting at trade shows is a highly effective way of building your business and brand awareness. An impressive stand is the key piece in any exhibition jigsaw and one that our experts can support you with.

2BM Exhibition Stand

With that in mind, here are our top 5 considerations you need to remember when buying an exhibition stand.

1. What Space Will You Have?

Understanding exhibition space is the number one priority when planning to buy a new stand.

Each type of exhibition space will require a different style or configuration. An island will need 360° graphics and a shell scheme will need to have walls, either 2 or 3. By Identifying what space you will be exhibiting in you can then explore size and shape options – when the fun begins!

2. Flexibility and Future Use

Have you thought about how many times per year you’ll be exhibiting?

If you are planning on multiple exhibitions, and booking a similar sized space, then a simple Pop-up Stand that opens out to the same dimensions each time could work well. On the other hand, if you’re booking a variety of space sizes, you may want to consider a flexible modular display such as a Wave or Ripple that can be re-used and re-configured for each individual show. If it’s a larger space or an island, then a Custom may be your best option.

If you’re exploring the role exhibiting may take in your marketing mix, why not look at our Installed Solutions packages?

Turbo Active Exhibition Stand

3. Establish What You Will Use Your Stand For

You need to identify exactly what you want to achieve before you can determine what features you will need. Your stand could simply be a back-drop with company branding, a product display or a media demonstration.

This will help to inform what special features you may need; such as a stock room, an office, counters, a seating area or even a coffee bar. Every stand can house different features.

4. Where will it be made?

As with many products, most exhibition equipment will be manufactured in China. Be sure that if you need changes, or additional graphics you can easily talk with your manufacturer, and ideally see and sign off any stand at point of production.

Northern Manufacturing Exhibition Stand

5. Make The Stand Yours

Whilst it’s always important to understand what works well at exhibitions, it’s equally important to make sure your stand offers something different to attract potential customers. Develop your own themes and align them with your branding and most importantly enjoy and be proud of your exhibition presence!

At ISOframe, we’d be happy to discuss any of the points above to help you achieve your exhibition goals. Call or email us today.

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