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5 Reasons Why Exhibitions Are Great For Businesses

22nd August 2017 - Blog

With the Autumn exhibition season fast approaching, plenty of businesses are gearing up to showcase their products and services at trade shows. Are you among them? If not, you really should be!

ERIKS Exhibition Stand

Here are our 5 reasons why exhibiting should be part of your plans

1. Strengthen Your Brand

Your exhibition stand is a window into your business. By creating a visual experience for trade show visitors, you can uniquely present what you do to thousands of people in an exciting way.

You can work with ISOframe’s expert design team to ensure your stand reflects the values, ethos, products and services that your business wants to promote, helping you to stand-out’ from your competitors.

2. Real Contact With Real Customers

Nothing is more affirming than a face to face conversation when it comes to finding a product to suit your exact needs. With the correct sales staff on-hand, a potential customer can easily ask questions and receive instant answers.

By attending trade shows, buyers can talk directly to suppliers and find what they need without making multiple searches and phone calls. By being present at an exhibition, you are likely to receive much firmer leads.

Davanti Exhibition Stand

3. Levels The Playing Field

Not every business can afford to put themselves in front of their potential customers as much as they’d like. However, trade shows provide the perfect opportunity for smaller companies to show they can match the expertise of their larger competitors by placing them in the same room.

With careful planning and a good strategy in place, exhibiting can strengthen your brand and present your business as one that is as reliable as the big hitters in your industry.

4. Showcase Your Products

If you are a product based company, you can allow hands on sampling and testing on your stand.

Perfume companies can demonstrate their latest scents, food and drink companies can offer small samples, industrial machinery can be shown in operation and electronics companies can mount demo products to their stands for clients to try out. Most products can be demonstrated in some way. This is practicality that other forms of marketing just cannot offer!

The ISOframe team are experts when it comes to incorporating displays and demonstrations of even the most complex of products within an exhibition setting.

5. Create Firm Leads

You’ll never be able to collect more business cards in a shorter space of time than you can at a trade show or exhibition. An incentivised business card drop on your stand can quickly lead to dozens, even hundreds of business cards coming your way.

Once you’re back from the show you’ll have up to date contact info for scores of potential customers, helping to grow your marketing database in a much more effective way then simply buying a data list.

So there you have it, that’s why we think you should attend a trade exhibition.

If we’ve convinced you, we’d love to help. Give the ISOframe team a call on 01283 575 097 and we will be very happy to discuss your options with you.

This is Intelligent Exhibiting.