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Refresh Your Old Exhibition Stand With New Graphics

13th September 2017 - Blog

Autumn exhibition season may have started, but it’s not too late to spruce up your exhibition stand graphics. Call our expert team now to make sure your business really stands out the next time you attend a trade show.

ISOframe Wave Exhibition Stand

Have you considered refreshing your exhibition stand graphics? Here’s 3 reasons why we think you should

  1. Give Your Stand A New Look

Using an ISOframe system makes it incredibly easy to replace the exhibition stand graphics on your stand. You may have had your exhibition stand a few years and in that time, trends and your business’ messaging, will most likely have changed. Replacing the graphics on your current stand with newly designed and printed ones can make your exhibition presence look brand new and bang up-to-date without the need to invest in an entirely new stand.

  1. Promote Different Products/Services

Many businesses will have multiple lines of products and/or services they wish to sell. With a new set of exhibition stand graphics you can transform your exhibition stand so that it focuses on a particular area of your business. Having multiple sets of graphics means you can tailor your stand to suit a particular trade show or audience.

  1. Flexibility

ISOframe’s design team has considerable experience when it comes to making sure your stand is versatile. Carefully designed graphics combined with an ISOframe system means that you can adapt your stand to suit any exhibition space or configuration. This means you can also scale up or scale down your stand with a minimum of fuss, knowing that you’re prepared with suitable graphics.

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