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GDPR and Exhibitions: A New Lead Generation Opportunity?

9th May 2018 - Blog

With the imminent GDPR changes it certainly feels as though talking to a large pool of potential customers might be significantly trickier. How can a business gain strong leads in a GDPR landscape?

Using mass marketing to engage new customers is starting to shift to a new, but reassuringly well-known strategy. Quality rather than quantity. The role of exhibitions and trade shows is to engage your sector in you and your business, it’s almost a case of let the right audience come to you.

At ISOframe we are seeing more companies invest in their exhibition presence to meet and engage with potential new clients and as we’ve been designing and manufacturing exhibition and trade show stands for over 50 years, we wanted to share some of our knowledge on the benefits of exhibiting.

  1. Old-School methods of lead generation do still work!

In a world increasingly filled with smart phones, advertisements, emails and talking computers; human contact is becoming a novelty in marketing. People are responding favourably to face-to-face contact because computers are not as fulfilling as human interaction.

  1. Say more than you ever could in an email

Most people will listen to a pitch’ for a few minutes, but the first minute is the make-it-or-break-it opportunity. When the audience allows you to continue, this is a strong indicator that they are interested in buying or at the very least, they are open to your product/service. By finding and engaging freely, the contacts you take away are more likely to convert, or at the bare minimum remember you.

  1. Finding the quality lead

Face to face lead generation works because it allows you to identify the audience that are genuinely interested. Those who commit to the conversation are far better prospects to those generated from other channels. When business happens face to face, it carries more weight and makes a bigger impact on the mind of the customer.

So if you are adding exhibitions and trade shows back into your marketing plan, we’re here to help, email or call us on 01283 575097

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