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Are you planning your next trade show or exhibition presence?

11th July 2018 - Blog

Here at ISOframe we know that exhibition planning is critical for a smooth experience. When you’re planning for a show of any size, the logistical details can seem overwhelming but we’ve produced the following handy outline to help you stay on track.

At ISOframe we’re more than a manufacturer, we’re your exhibition partner.

9 to 12 Months Before Your Trade Show

  • Work through the size of exhibition space you need, ensure you take into account the cost of the exhibition stand, any accessories, banners, marketing collateral, equipment and promotional items
  • Register and reserve your exhibition stand space with the event sponsor and request full details of Health and Safety and Installation policies
  • Develop a marketing plan that utilises a mix of promotional methods to reach prospects, tell them you’re going to the show, where you’ll be and the information you want to share

6 to 9 Months Before

  • Write a compelling sales message that gets across the key points you want to communicate in 30 seconds or less, then use this as your base communication plan
  • Determine your exhibition stand budget, design and layout. Will you have a professional installation team, or self-build?
  • You can hire a company to handle design and production or take a more hands-on approach by using web-based exhibition design software to create the look and configuration of your display before handing it over to an exhibition manufacturer.
  • Take your time to select an exhibition partner that meets your needs, based on their capabilities, design talent, cost and delivery timings.
  • Identify high-impact tradeshow giveaways and promotional strategies you will use to attract visitors to your area.
  • Determine the literature and marketing materials you will need at the show – and begin design and printing work.

3 to 6 Months

  • Order your giveaways or promotional items.
  • Continue working with your exhibition stand partner, detail delivery dates and adherence to your exhibition planning timeline.
  • Determine staffing requirements
  • Agree and detail how your exhibition stand and all other collateral will be delivered to your venue and its final position.
  • Begin making travel arrangements, including hotel and evening meal arrangements.
  • Launch pre-show marketing initiatives.

1 to 3 Months Before

  • Continue pre-show marketing activities
  • Confirm all travel arrangements.
  • Schedule staff training.
  • Contact event sponsor for any last minutes details.
  • Contact exhibition stand manufacturer to arrange viewing of completed exhibition stand
  • Finalise promotional items, and marketing materials and confirm delivery dates.

1 Week Before

  • Double check travel and hotel bookings.
  • Complete staff training
  • Arrange final viewing of completed exhibition stand
  • Double check that all action steps on timeline have been covered


  • Collate leads, send follow-up communication and make contact as appropriate.
  • Evaluate success of trade show participation compared with objectives
  • Determine your return on investment.
  • Make recommendations for other exhibitions, including suggested changes, enhancements, and other trade show ideas.

So if you are adding exhibitions and trade shows back into your marketing plan, we’re here to help, email or call us on 01283 575097

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