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It’s all about location…. and the exhibition stand!

5th September 2018 - Blog

When you’re planning your exhibition programme it can be difficult to know exactly where to start and where you should be directing your attention. Much advice for first time exhibitors focuses on getting the right exhibition stand, custom or self-build, hire or purchase, but the right location within the exhibition is just as important.

Prime central locations with high foot fall will be guarded by companies who return year after year, and the following years contract will be signed well in advance. But there is also a certain amount of churn: long term exhibitors dropping out, upgrades and downgrades in stand place and position. It’s well worth planning your exhibition presence at least 12 months ahead and staying in touch with your exhibition organiser. As things change on the run up to the exhibition dates, you want to make sure you’re at the front of the queue for a better location, or a bigger pitch.

Our top tip is to study the floor plan – look for industry groupings or ideal neighbours. Look for the entrances and exits, food courts, toilets and the areas around the top or bottom of staircases or lifts, these are all high footfall areas. A good location, along with a great exhibition stand and a detailed lead generation plan will get you a long way towards a successful exhibition experience.

So if you want to have detailed talks with customers, choose a location and stand design that will compliment your goals rather than work against them and create a stand with standing tables and stools in a quieter area of the show.

If you’ve wish to announce a new product, you’ll want to be front and centre and blasting your message at the arriving visitors.

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