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Maximise Your Exhibition ROI By Going Modular

21st February 2019 - Blog

Do you attend exhibitions fairly regularly? Do you need to create a wow factor but are mindful of managing your budget maximising your exhibition ROI? If this sounds familiar, then a modular stand may provide you with the perfect solution.

ISOframe Wave Exhibition Stand


A modular exhibition stand can be scaled up or down depending upon the size of your exhibition space and gives you complete freedom over the shape and size of the exhibition stand you create. Graphics can be altered to make sure your stand provides the maximum impact in whichever sized exhibition space you are using.

ISOframe’s patented Ripple and Wave systems can flex into almost any shape to provide maximum adaptability.

Multiple use

The beauty of a modular exhibition stand is that the same system can be used to promote different aspects of your business. A change of graphics and alteration of sections can soon give the stand a radically different look.

Take our clients, Best Western, who used the same ISOframe Custom stand to showcase different brands depending on what show they were attending.

Modular stands also allow for special features such as screens, tables and lights to be added, giving your stand that extra impact.


Given the almost limitless array of shapes, sizes and configurations a modular system can provide, keeping your stand fresh for multiple shows becomes much easier. Breaking down into compact and easy-to-store containers, modular stands are built to last. However, if you do damage a section, or need to alter your design, you can quickly replace sections without having the expense of starting from scratch.

ISOframe’s modular stands have the added benefit of tool-less assembly, and most can be broken down to fit in the boot of your car.

For many, the return on investment modular exhibition stands provide mean they are the go to for savvy exhibitors. For more information on ISOframe’s modular exhibition stand systems, click here or call 01283 575 097.

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