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4 Reasons Why A Portable Modular Counter Is a Must Have

9th July 2019 - Blog

Freestanding and modular counters are becoming an increasingly integral part of the exhibition and trade show space, either in addition to existing stands or as a standalone item. Robust and stylish, larger counters are the first thing a customer will see and can really enhance an exhibition space.

Here are 4 ways you can use a counter and harness their impact for your event.


  1. Use It As A Focal Point

Providing a natural place for people to gather, counters are perfect to use as a reception area or a place to meet stand visitors. With carefully chosen graphics and placement towards the front of your exhibition area, modular counters can also really help reinforce your stand’s branding and messaging. Our ISObar counters can be fitted with LED lighting to really make your graphics pop!


  1. Re-Use and Customise

The beauty of ISOframe ISObars is that they can be used time and time again. Easy to build, robust and with changeable graphics it can be a ‘go to’ part of your exhibiting kit across multiple departments. Plus the modular nature of the ISObar system also means that you can expand or reduce the size of your counter without tools, depending on your space.

Modular counters can be just as effective outside of the exhibition hall. Used in a retail setting they can create the ideal area to meet new customers and introduce your business’ products and services.


  1. Expand Your Exhibition Presence And Make It More Effective

Freestanding modular counters can help you fill out a bigger exhibition space without having to increase the size of your stand. Place multiple counters across your floor space to assist with zoning, create a more welcoming and intimate environment for your customers.


  1. Display Products

There’s no better way to showcase your products than having them out on display on top of their own dedicated counter. Using them as part of your exhibition set up allows visitors to get up close and take a full 360-degree look at your business’ key products.

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