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4 Reasons Why The ISOframe Wave Is The Ultimate Self-Build Exhibition Stand

9th September 2019 - Blog

The ISOframe Wave Exhibition Stand is perfect for regular self-build exhibitors who need the flexibility to adapt their exhibition or display stand to different sized venue spaces.

Here are 4 ways the ISOframe Wave could change the way you exhibit.

1. Adapts to any size or shape

The patented Flexi-wave link gives the system total flexibility allowing you to bend, shape and create whatever shape you need. You can even extend or reduce the size of the exhibition stand with ease, and without having to reprint graphics. All of this means the stand can look great in an exhibition space of any size, or even within a shell scheme.

2. Easy to Accessorise!

Back wall tables, mounts for screens, units with adjustable shelves and literature holders can all be added to the stand simply without the need for tools. Add one of our free-standing modular ISOframe counters to create a reception or meeting point, modular items allow you to adjust your exhibition footprint and make the most out of the exhibition space you are using.

3. Fits in the boot of your car

The system breaks down into compact carry cases that have been specifically designed to transport and store both the framework and graphics. So compact in fact, that it’ll even fit into the boot of most cars. Whether in transit or storage, the graphics are always packed separately from the framework to ensure they don’t get damaged.

4. Re-Use

If you have multiple shows with varying exhibition spaces booked, the system provides the perfect option. Given its flexibility and compact storage, the ISOframe Wave will continue to look fresh and maintain its impressive impact no matter how many times you use it. The graphics are also easily interchangeable, allowing you to update your messaging without have to invest in an entirely new stand.

Find inspiration with our ISOframe Wave gallery here.

This is the ISOframe Wave.  This is Intelligent Exhibiting.