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Exhibition or Display Stands? ISOframe can help!

9th January 2020 - Blog

ISOframe Exhibition Stands have a marketing solution for you

Live marketing events are a wide-reaching and dynamic way to engage with current and potential customers regardless of your area of business. When you’re attending a trade show, however, it’s important to present your firm in the best light possible. At ISOFrame, we know that your first impression is crucial on these occasions and that you only get to make it once. Whatever your scale and type of company, we have an exhibition stand available that will help you to advance your business.

Affordable and convenient display stands

When you’re attending product and craft fairs, it’s essential that you capture your audience’s attention immediately. With our wide range of display stand options, there’s no need to compromise on this element because of your budget. Our ISOframe Ripple provides the ideal solution, combining portability and ease of use with maximum flexibility. You can choose to use this self-build option as a single banner stand or convert it into a bendable version with extra panels. Its adaptable design means that it’s easy to build and re-usable, ensuring that you get the most utility when attending trade shows.

Added extras to suit your needs and preferences

If you’re looking for additional options to enhance your display and captivate your customers then ISOframe offers a range of options to meet all of your requirements. You may want to go for the ISOframe Wave, which features a unique modular design to allow for a curved display or a straight-walled version. With so many people attending, it’s important to use all available features to provide the relevant information to your audience, which is why we offer accessories to enhance your display.

Opt for a completely custom built version

If you would like to create a completely personalised exhibition stand, an ISOframe Custom is the ideal solution. Whether you would like an unconventional shape, size, or overall design, we can accommodate all of your needs. There’s no need to worry about building it yourself when attending exhibitions as our team will assemble and disassemble the display stand for you. We can produce a custom option up to 4m high, so you’ll be sure to stand out – literally – at all of your events.

For more information about our wide range of display stands, contact us at ISOframe today!