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Covid Testing Booths Installed At Ivanhoe College

18th January 2021 - Blog

When Ivanhoe College needed our help to create a Covid test facility in the college library, we 3D designed the facility and installed testing booths within a few days. 

Ivanhoe College, in Ashby, now has a lateral flow testing centre for staff and students who are children of key workers and still attending lessons. The testing facility is for those people showing no symptoms, but who may be asymptomatic carriers of covid-19.

Our professionally installed Covid testing booths can be supplied on a rolling hire basis. Rigid white PVC panels securely fitted with an aluminium frame can be cleaned with anti-viral spray, so you can easily maintain high standards of hygiene. When we return to normal life, our team will re-visit and safely remove the screens when they are no longer needed.

  • 8 booths self-build or professionally installed for only £250 per week*
  • Supplied on a rolling hire basis
  • 3D space planning, configured to fit your chosen testing room
  • Hygenic, wipe clean PVC Panels
  • Strong, stable aluminium framework
  • Our team will safely remove the screens when they are no longer needed

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The safety of our staff and pupils is paramount at Ivanhoe College. With the introduction of Covid testing we needed a safe and secure environment to administer the tests. We reached out to ISOframe to help us create the right setting.

The team was fantastic, planning and installation was fast and felt seamless. The booths are the right size and fit the space perfectly. From our first conversation to a functioning testing space was a matter of days. We highly recommend working with ISOframe.

Tracy Winfield, Ivanhoe College



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