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ISOframe, giving SPAL more space to showcase



SPAL UK, one of the world’s leading designers and manufacturers of high-performance fans, chooses an ISOframe Custom exhibition stand.

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The Challenge

Historically, SPAL UK had used traditional shell schemes at exhibitions. Whilst time efficient and cost effective, shell schemes placed limitations on how they could showcase their products; with an expanded range in development, SPAL needed to take a new approach.

SPAL needed a versatile and value for money stand that would create a bigger impact. The sales team also needed room to demonstrate the features and benefits of their products effectively.

Adaptability was equally important. With their exhibition programme covering a variety of sectors, products varied and spaces were different in their size and format. Whilst great design with eye-catching graphics was vital, strength and durability were just as important.

The Solution

An ISOframe Custom Exhibition Stand provided SPAL with the solution they were looking for, the design featured high impact messaging and maximised height without compromising strength. Open and inviting, the stand incorporated a comfortable seating area for relaxed conversations with visitors and guests.

The Custom Exhibition Stand also accommodated SPAL’s requirement for more space to showcase products. The ISOframe framework released enough floor space to build several robust free-standing walls for displaying a wide range of working products; raising the floor helped too, making the electrics safe and easy to access.

With a varied exhibition programme and a range of different spaces to fill, our team pre-built each configuration of the stand before SPAL’s events to ensure that everything worked perfectly and enable the SPAL team to concentrate on the exhibition itself.

SPAL selected an ISOframe Custom Exhibition Stand. This is intelligent exhibiting.