ISOframe Home Office

Video meeting backdrops that transform your home into a professional workspace

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Video meeting backdrops

Are you presenting a professional image when attending virtual meetings?

Isoframe Home Office video meeting backdrops
Isoframe Home Office video meeting backdrops
Isoframe Home Office video meeting backdrops

Keep your home life private and stay on-brand with ISOframe Home Office backdrops.

Build in seconds, with compact everyday storage.

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Give your video meetings a professional look with our range of portable backdrops that can be set up in seconds.

Few people have a dedicated office space at home, so bedrooms, kitchens and lounges often get converted into online meeting rooms. If you host or attend remote video meetings it can be difficult to hide busy backgrounds, clutter and maintain your privacy from the prying eyes of your customers and work colleagues.

Are you sure you are presenting a professional  image when you’re attending virtual meetings? A standardised retractable backdrop from ISOframe Home Office is the answer giving online professionalism, privacy and promotion. Available in a range of widths and heights our range can be delivered to your door within days.

Minimise the chance of embarrassment, keep you home life private and promote your organisation professionally with an ISOframe Home Office backdrop.

  • Variety of heights and widths available

  • Delivery available within 7-10 days

  • Designed and printed in Staffordshire

  • Easy to self-build without the need for tools