Modular Exhibition Stand

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ISOframe Lumen Exhibition Stand

Unleash your creativity with our stunning back-lit exhibition stands

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ISOframe Fabric Carrying Case

With Lumen you can create stunning back-lit graphic walls, quickly, without the need for tools.

Easy to build back-lit exhibition stands

Equipped with silicone-edged tension fabric and FASTclamp technology, the Lumen forms a contemporary exhibition stand in minutes

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The ISOframe Lumen Exhibition Stand is ideal for achieving a high impact display in shell-schemes and in freestanding spaces. The ISOframe Lumen exhibition stand can be built to almost any size and shape and provides a large seamless display with no visible join lines, and with in-built LEDs your stand will light up any room.

As well as delivering a high impact, you can create curved or straight walls and add accessories including media screens and doors for storage or a meeting room. The ISOframe Lumen exhibition stand can be built without the need for a perfectly level floor and it’s our most portable yet; the fabric makes it possible to pack away the graphics into the smallest of spaces and the framework breaks down to fit into the back of a car.

ISOframe Lumen panels can also be added to other ISOframe stands to create visual impact and, if required, provide a wall for projections. Compared to most other fabric based systems, the ISOframe Lumen is lightweight, portable and much faster to build.

  • Quick and easy assembly thanks to our FASTclamp technology

  • Tool-less assembly for a quick and stress-free experience

  • Portable & lightweight construction combined with strength, stability and durability

  • Continuous, unrestricted, seam-free fabric graphics for your stand